In the ever evolving world where computers and its accessories have become a norm for every offices and work stations, the required space to keep computer, the keyboard and other regular stuffs to ensure the system keeps working efficiently are becoming inadequate. The strain and stress of using regular desks, tops and other uncomfortable tools for typing is a major concern to several people. Many users are looking for the best keyboard trays to ease their work.

To minimize the available space in offices and for the best comfortable use, the keyboard tray plays a major role.

If you’re the kind that uses your computer desk so often and you need to arrange your workspace in such a way that you’ll be comfortable,  it’s very important to place and use your keyboard right.

Using the best keyboard tray not only makes you comfortable as you work, it helps to avoid unnecessary strains and pains to your hands, fingers, shoulders, and the wrists.

A well articulated best keyboard tray would will give you the right posture and balance with an adjustable tilt of nothing less than 15 degrees. It must also be placed at the best heights for different positions and postures.

This buying guide will provide insights about the fundamental differences in the varieties of keyboard trays that is available and the best choices you can make.

Comparison Chart For Best Keyboard Tray:

Choosing the Best Keyboard Tray

The following are important features to note:

  • A keyboard tray should have different adjustment settings for heights not less than 4″ and angle tilt of 15°, relative to the interests and need of users.
  • Ergonomic sturdy designs, spacious enough to give room for your mouse and number pad without wobbling or jiggling.
  • Keyboard Trays shouldn’t be too thick.
  • It should be well stationed and positioned, not titling as a result of pressure.
  • Keyboard trays with removable wrist rest. (Wrist rest are made with very soft foam-like jelly substances to give your wrist a special comfort)


  • The size of your desk will determine the measurement of the keyboard tray you choose. If you purchase too long a tray, it will not fit and may cause you more harm as you’ll tend to bump into it often.
  • Another thing to consider is whether you’ll need extra space for some other accessories.
  • If it’s for the keyboard alone, you’ll choose the exact size for it, but if you will be putting extra stuffs, you put into consideration your desk size and needed space.

Types of Keyboard Trays

Choosing the best and most suitable keyboard tray depends on preference and type of desk. Basically there are two types:

  • Under-desk keyboard trays: these fits in directly beneath the desk and can be drawn in and out.
  • Wall mounted desktop trays: these are installed directly into the walls and may be adjustable or non-adjustable.
  • Stand up key board trays: these are fitted for desk or chairs that requires you to be upstanding as you type and work on the computer.

Note: the three have different kinds of tilt.

Installation of the Best Under Desk Keyboard Tray

  • The best keyboard tray usually comes drilled for easy installation and firm set up. This simultaneously solve the problem of under-bar that’s with most desk. Alternatively, you can choose  keyboard desk with clamps, this also gives sturdy balance to your desk.
  • Ensure you choose a design that will give enough space for your legs to avoid cramping.
  • Most keyboard trays comes with needed manual and tools for easy installation.
  • It usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes to install.

Benefits of Using a Keyboard Holder

  • It helps to prevent hand/wrists and other muscular ailments. For example, the carpal tunnel syndrome that is common with keyboard users.
  • They are usually adjustable and flexible, suitable for different heights, weight.
  • Allows you to choose the different angle any time you desire to change position.
  • Provides the necessary comfort required for working on a desktop with yielding/resulting output.
  • It makes you work more efficiently and effectively.
  • It helps to put your keyboard to the best and precise angle that is right and adjustable at any time.
  • It gives you the chance to pivot, lower, tilt and slide your keyboard, in which case, you wouldn’t need to be bending or twisting your body to reach out to important stuffs on your desk.

Review of the Top And Best Keyboard Tray

Stand Up Desk Keyboard Tray Small

Compact stand up keyboard tray for general office use. Designed for smaller desk and less spaces with three different adjustable height settings of 2.69″, 3.44″, and 4.19″, these allows you to be at the best comfortable position when you type.

It has a width of 20″( with the clamps, total width is 24.5″) You can easily slide in when not in use which gives you enough space for other activities. It doesn’t bulge out, hurting any part of your body, it stays enclosed.

Enclosed metal clamps are sturdy, strongly built with thick plastic. Very easy to install with no special tool requirement. The thumb screw clamps can be easily fixed to desktop surfaces that it’s thickness is not more than 1.5″ without drilling or modifying the area it is to be fixed.

This stand up tray has the ability to reduce stress and strains that results from typing in an awkward, uncomfortable position.


  • compact design for smaller desks and spaces
  • Easy to install
  • Ergonomic design
  • Sturdy plastic clamps
  • Adjustable height
  • Reduces stress and strain
  • Retractable keyboard


  • Cannot be used for curved or beveled surfaces
  • Can only be used as a stand up keyboard tray

Stand Up Desk Keyboard Tray Large

This is a bigger stand up under desk keyboard tray from the Stand Up desk store. Specifically designed to give you maximum comfort and balance as you type in a well managed space.

The tray is big enough to take both keyboard and a mouse. Width when combined with the adjustable clamps is 33″, without the clamps it is 27.5″. One of the best keyboard tray with three different adjustable height settings, ranging from 2.69″, 3.44″, to 4.19″.

This keyboard tray helps to properly arrange and manage your work table, reducing clusters. Easily retractable, slides in with no difficulty when not in use. Clamps are sturdily built to balance tilting of tray. No jiggling or wobbling.

Positioned in an angle most comfortable for your use. Very easy to install, the clamps can be screwed in with the bare fingers within 15 minutes.


Bigger desktop tray

Three adjustable settings

Easily retractable

Easy to install with no special tools

Helps to reduce clusters on desk

Strong durable sturdy clamps


  • Not fitted for smaller desks
  • Stand up desk keyboard tray

HUANUO Large Clamp-On Keyboard Tray

HUANUO big sized under desk keyboard drawers. One of the largest pieces of keyboard trays made for the ease and comfort of users.

An essential tool for the work office, it has a surface measurement of 26.4″ by 11.8″. Suitable for the combination of different sizes of the keyboard and the mouse. Keeps your offices and desk neatly and beautifully designed.

Tray slides in and out very easily and can be kept below desk when not in use. Ergonomically designed to relieve stress and strain on backs, necks, wrists and shoulders. Strongly built to last for longer periods.

Easy to install clamps on desk surfaces that it’s thickness is not more than 1.37″. Length of tray in between clamps is 31″, therefore, it is recommended for desk with wider width. Sturdy clamps to hold weight of tray.


  • Spacious keyboard tray
  • Sturdy clamps
  • Easy to install
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Keeps your desk free from clusters
  • Durable and long lasting


  • Big, giant tray, not suitable for smaller desks
  • Cannot be used on a curved desk

VIVO Large Keyboard Tray

The VIVO large under desk Keyboard Tray is the best choice if you desire a unique keyboard tray. Ergonomically designed to fit into compact spaces.

Tray has the capacity to hold keyboard, mouse and some other smaller accessories. Size of tray is 26.8″, with clamps, total width is 32.5. Smoothly glides in and out with no difficulty whatsoever.

You get to experience the best comfortable position whenever you’re using it. Enough space for your knees and legs, relieving strains on your arms, wrist and shoulders. The tray when drawn out, extends 8.5″ out of the edges of your desk.

It makes you assume a well balanced position which makes working on a computer easy and relaxing. Comes with a sturdy C clamps that can be installed to a desk with maximum thickness of 1.25″, without causing any damages to your desk.

This keyboard tray can be easily installed with no tools, providing you with the most cozy angle for your typing and other works.


  • Large capacity desk
  • Ergonomically designed for convenience and comfort
  • Smooth glides, easy to retractable
  • 5″ extendable tray
  • Comfortable angle and position for best output
  • Easy to install


  • Cannot be mounted on a corner desk
  • Recommended for large spaced desk

Kensington Keyboard Drawer

You get to experience the luxurious feelings of using a sturdy keyboard tray that is manufactured to enhance the comfort of desktop users.

Kensington keyboard drawers gives your desk a perfectly fitted settings. It gives you good comfort while maintaining a healthy position as you type. Keeps your hands and wrists free from muscular strains.

The drawers are easy to slide in and out without any glitches. With 3 different settings of height levels, you can adjust and maximize your space as you adjust the keyboard tray to fit. You’re assured of a well tucked in keyboard when it is not being used.

It has a width of 26″ which is enough space for your keyboard and some smaller extra tools. Designed ergonomically with needed space for your mouse, and a soft wrist rest for maximum comfort.

Designed to meet the specific needs of maximizing space, with good comfort. Tool free installation with strong clamp hold.


  • Comfortable spacious keyboard tray
  • Easily slides in and out
  • Tray has space for wrist rest and mouse
  • 3 adjustable height settings
  • Perfectly tucked when not in use


  • Installation manual difficult to follow

Mount-It! Keyboard Drawer Under Desk

An amazing product by Mount-it. Space maximizing retractable keyboard drawer for efficient output.

Designed to take in your keyboard and other smaller accessories needed for your work. It comes with a detachable mouse space which can be removed when not in use. Holding track is made of sturdy steel for the best sliding movement.

3 different heights level settings for your own convenience. Ergonomic design to ensure you are well positioned at an angle that reduces strains on your wrists and arms. This helps to prevent the common carpal tunnel.

Width of tray is 21 inches, while depth is 11.75″. Easy to retract; no hanging or sticking out. Can be well tucked in when not in use. When installed, the sliding clamp help to keep your keyboard tray secure. Purchase of this keyboard holder gives you the best value for your money.


  •  Detachable mouse space
  • Spacious keyboard tray
  • Steel clamps
  • Ergonomic design to reduce muscular strains
  • 3 different adjustable height settings


  • Not for desk with width less than 21″

3M Keyboard Tray, Simply Turn Knob

The 3M retractable under desk keyboard is versatile, and specifications is mainly for the best comfort and improved production.

It’s an adjustable keyboard tray with space for both keyboard and mouse. The tray has an adjustable knob that is used to control the height and tilt to desired position, also used to tighten set height.

It has an adjustable height of 1.5″ above the mounting surface and 4.5″ below. Strongly built with wooden materials for stable performance. Tray comes with a leatherette gel wrist rest that has antimicrobial substances which protects the wrists with a mouse pad that minimizes battery power usage.

Wrists rest can be placed on either side of tray. For maximum productivity, sturdiness flexibility, this desk keyboard tray is guaranteed to give you the best performance.

This unique product comes with a lifetime warranty tray arm, 5 years on platform and full year warranty on wrist rests. Both forward and backward tilt of 15°, the adjustments knob allows you to keep your wrists in a relaxed neural position.


  • Maximum comfort for improved output
  • Sturdy wood platform
  • Adjustable knob
  • Mouse space with pad
  • Antimicrobial leatherette gel wrist rest
  • Flexible and durable


  • Instructional manual for installation difficult to understand

HUANUO Keyboard Tray Under Desk

HUANUO is a top producer of one of the best keyboard tray you can get. They are known for manufacturing quality products that are suitable for home and office use.

This under desk keyboard tray by HUANO with a width of 25″ and depth of 9.8″ is designed ergonomically with the best materials for the satisfaction of users. Tray has an height of 7″ which allows you to take right positions at your desk.

You may choose to stand or sit, the height adjustment will allow you to do such. With a 90° swiveling ability which allows you to rotate the platform on both left and right side. It can also be tilted at 6° above surface mounting, and 22° below surface mounting for maximum comfort.

A large capacity, easy to install keyboard tray, suits all sizes of keyboards available in market. It is also spacious enough for mouse and few other computer/keyboard accessories.


  • Large capacity
  • 90° Swiveling ability for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable height for both stand up and sit in desk
  • Tilting ability


  •  Wrist pads made with sticky rubber gels

CARTMAY Adjustable Keyboard Tray

Easily adjustable keyboard tray by CARTMAY. This flexible keyboard tray has an adjustment knob that can be pulled to adjust different angles, also, to adjust the position of tray and height.

Tilt and swivel for right positioning. Gives adequate space for keyboard, reducing clusters. Maximum height is 5.9″. Keyboard tray can be placed above mounting surface at an height of 0.8″ and below desktop at 5.1″.

The plate has an inclination angle range of +/-15°. Width of tray is 26.7″ while the depth is 11 4″. It has a track length of 18.1″. Very easy to install, takes less than 15 minutes if manual is followed strictly.

Gel pad available for wrists rest and for mouse. This product allows you to set up your desk with keyboard tray that will enhance your sitting position, giving you the relaxed position possible.


  • Manual adjustable knob
  • Large capacity
  • Tilting and swiveling ability
  • Easy to install
  • Mouse and wrists rest
  • Best position for maximum comfort


  • Bracket not included in pack

VIVO Adjustable Computer Keyboard

VIVO keyboard platform gives you an enhanced position with its adjustable height and swiveling motion, it helps to keep your body relaxed as it gets many ergonomic parts that makes using your keyboard convenient and easy.

Easily slides when not in use with no parts protruding outside the desk to cause and form of obstruction. This keyboard tray has a special rolling track for easy glides. Can be tilted up to an angle of 40° and swivels around at also 40°.

Sturdily built with fine steel for the right positioning. A spacious keyboard tray, safely accommodates a mouse pad. With a width of 26.5″ and depth of 10″, all your devices including a wrist rest pad that prevents soreness, sits secure. Enjoy the luxury of the best keyboard tray.


  • Adjustable height and Swiveling motion
  • Sturdily built with quality steel
  • Large platform for wider desk
  • Smooth rolling track
  • Ergonomic design


  • Not suitable for compact desk
  • Non-detachale wrist rest